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Shopping angels help those at risk, in quarantine

24 Mar 2020

A Good Samaritan living in Al Mouj, Hayley Sellu has offered community members who are self-isolating or under quarantine to pick up their groceries and drop it off to their house with necessary precautions.


“I offered to help those that may need it in my community because I am so far away from my own family members who need help. I wanted to give back to those around me in some way. I think we all feel quite helpless and powerless in the wake of this pandemic but I do believe there are small things we can all do to make it a little easier on those who will feel it the most. I am young, fit and healthy and I have no elderly or vulnerable family members here that I would be putting at risk so I’m happy to go to the pharmacy for others,” Hayley said.


Within a minutes of her post going up, tens of community members began applauding her.


“I was quite taken aback by the wonderful response I received from people. So many kind and positive comments, that absolutely made my day. This is the kind of social media interaction we need in times like these,” the kind woman added. 


In times like these, the world is in desperate need of people like Hayley who are extending a helping hand.


Another kind man who is a health professional is doing something very similar. “There are many people who are at a high risk of serious illness from the virus such as the elderly and medically compromised, who should remain indoors. However, they do need groceries, medicines etc, or even someone to run small errands for them. I have left my phone number with elderly neighbours in the community, and hope to do whatever it takes to serve those around me,” the man who wished to remain anonymous said.


In times like these, the key is to stay positive, offer assistance to whomsoever we can, and come together as a community to make things easier for those who will bear the brunt of the crisis.


(Contributed by Masoomeh Ahsan)


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