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MoCI encourages online shopping to curb COVID-19

23 Mar 2020

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has called on institutions and companies working in the area of home delivery to get engaged with the initiative Tasawwuq_min_baitik (shop from your home) that was launched last week on its Twitter account.

It is aimed at activating and promoting the use of electronic applications of online shopping from stores, restaurants and coffee shops. The ministry has called on institutions and companies working in the area of home delivery to use the initiative by posting the details of their services, websites and contact numbers through the hashtag ‘Tasawwuq_min_baitik or ‘#Shop_from-Your-Home’.

The owners of these companies however have to take preventive measures and apply necessary health measures.

Owners of a number of home delivery companies were of the view that social awareness is significant in containing COVID-19. They said that the services of home delivery companies have increased by 80 per cent. They expect that soon there would be a 100 per cent rise in the work of these home delivery companies.

Faisal al Subhi, a founding partner in the Mandoob company, said, the company was established in 2016 and started as part-time work. Now, there are 2,500 Omani youth working for the company. Subhi said since its inception the company has delivered more than 120,000 orders in various parts of Oman. “We have entered into many strategic agreements for delivery service with many government and private organisations. We have more than 1,000 small and medium-sized enterprises working with us as the logistic arm. Under the current circumstances we have reduced prices of our services and increased the number of delivery persons.” 

Muznah bint Adeem al Sudairiya, a community delivery analyst at Market X, said that her company works in the field of all types of home delivery. The company has increased the operating capacity of both employees and different means of transportation.

The company continues to educate workers in home delivery services to adhere to health standards while carrying out their services. “It is mandatory for the delivery personnel to wear gloves, masks, avoid smoking and abide by other health terms and conditions. They also have to make sure that the food items are delivered as quickly as possible to those who have ordered them to maintain its highest level of quality,” she said,

Muznah said that home delivery service of the company has increased by more than 80 per cent. Ziyana bint Amir al Rahbiyeh, an employee of Akeed Home Delivery Company, said, recently when the precautionary measures were taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the company had seen that more people used the home delivery services.

“Our company has seen a growth of 75 per cent in our home delivery services. There are clear directives issued by the company to its workers in home delivery services to adhere to the terms imposed by government organisations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

Adil al Rabkhi of the iTrans application, said, “The application was officially announced in 2019, and we provide two services: purchasing and delivering products to homes, and door-to-door delivery. We have more than 520 people who deliver orders in various governorates of the sultanate. Our role, at the present time, is to help people by delivering what they require and order so that they remain safe. We have launched a drive with the company for the safety of the home delivery personnel and clients. We ask them to wear masks, gloves and use sterilisers before and after delivering orders,” he said.

Ammar bin Ali al Maskari from the Jeeb application, said, “The application works in the area of home delivery of meals from restaurants, foodstuffs from various stores and bakeries as well as household products. In the current circumstances, we are delivering everything ordered by the consumers. The company has taken various measures to ensure safety of all sides, including the person who is delivering the ordered item to the person who is receiving and its clients.”


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