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Fighting virus: Who, when and where to use mask

19 Mar 2020

A healthy person who is not prone to flu is not required to wear masks, said Dr K P Raman, chairman, Al Hayat International Hospital, adding that masks should be used only in places where many people visit like malls, concerts, theatres and hospitals. 

During an interview on Muscat Daily’s ‘Walk The Talk’ show, Dr Raman said, “Symptoms of a person infected with coronavirus is similar to common cold but there are two specific differences: it spreads faster and is more dangerous than the common cold. There are possibilities of death (mostly senior citizens) among two to four in a sample of 100 people.” 

He said that social isolation and personal hygiene are the best practices to be followed. “Personal hygiene includes washing hands with soap and water frequently and using alcohol-based sanitisers.” 

One must avoid coming in contact with those having flu-like symptoms, he said. “Wear masks and avoid physical contacts including handshakes as a precautionary measure when interacting with people showing symptoms of a flu. Also, avoid touching face, nose and mouth with hands,” he added. 

The virus spreads when an infected person sneezes or coughs and the droplets reach a person. “The virus in the droplets stay alive on surfaces for 24 hours and thus there are probabilities that people might touch those paces and thus the virus spreads randomly. Wearing masks is helpful when visiting places where there are chances of catching an infection such as crowded areas or hospitals. The infected person must also wear masks so that the virus doesn’t spread. Senior citizens are at risk but young people too must take care as they can be carriers and spread the infection to others.” 

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