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Manufacturing research centre and plant come up in Sohar

18 Mar 2020

Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU) has announced the establishment of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and metal dyes and moulds designing and manufacturing plant. The two projects were established by Sohar University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI). 

The move comes within the framework of the government’s efforts to enhance in-country value (ICV), as well as part of the government’s projects and plans to enhance the economic diversification. 

Recently, a pilot opening for both projects under the name ‘Sohar Production’ took place. Sohar Production aims to support manufacturing and industrial innovation and SMEs and strengthen the ability to attract investments in manufacturing sector. Prof Ghassan al Kindi, pro-vice chancellor for Research and Innovation, and the executive team leader for the initiative, stated that the sultanate has focused on promoting the advanced manufacturing.  

Sohar Production initiative is considered an essential step to move forward in transferring technology through showing the potentials of the projects and provide international partnerships for both projects from one hand, and with academic and industrial sectors in the sultanate on the other hand, in addition to strengthening work of innovative environmental systems. The initiative will work on coordinating partnership mechanisms with manufacturing and research institutes to test and develop the technology and explore ways to market the products. 

Prof Kindi also indicated that the initiative is considered a crucial step in the academic level as it will provide academic and training qualitative programmes during the coming period. It will also provide help in the industrial level by contributing and supporting all types of industries through the industrial potentials as the products design and manufacturing will be prepared, as well as the local and regional markets’ needs will be met. 

He also pointed out that these projects will work on finding and activating the integration between academic and industrial entities, so as to invest in the potentials and expertise available in the sultanate.  

Further, Prof Kindi said that during the ceremony of the pilot opening, 11 agreements, a cooperation programme and a memorandum of understanding were signed with a number of local and international industrial entities.  

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