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Omani inventor recycles wastewater without chemicals

15 Mar 2020

Emad Abdullah Alobiadoon, 27, from Dhofar was recently awarded a gold medal at the 12th International Invention Fair in the Middle East (IIFME), held in Kuwait. He got the first place for inventing a modern electrocoagulation device for wastewater treatment, without adding chemicals. 

The fair brought together inventions from 42 countries including the United Kingdom, the US, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, etc. A total of 130 inventions were showcased during the exhibition. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Alobiadoon, said, “I am a science graduate from the Higher College of Technology in Muscat. I have BSc in chemistry. I got the Intellectual Property certificate for my project from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2019. The idea came from the concept ‘Our environment, Our responsibility’. 

“We have several environmental issues related to water. We are trying to develop and improve on the water technology. I started working on the idea last year at bachelor’s level; we are in the final stage of the project.” 

The project is called ‘Treatment of wastewater using the electrochemical method’. The project aims to recycle wastewater without adding any chemicals to use in various fields such as irrigation, industrial activities and daily uses. This technology will help reduce the material cost of processing. The technology can be applied to waste oil, and at food factories  and manufacturing plants. 

“I am trying to get financial support to implement the project. It will save time and money to do the job. Such a system is needed all over the world. I thank the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for supporting the inventors and motivating them,” Alobiadoon said.  

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