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TRC celebrates 25th edition of Scientific Insights magazine

5 Mar 2020

The Research Council (TRC) celebrated the 25th jubilee edition of Scientific Insights, in the presence of Dr Hilal bin Ali al Hinai, secretary general of The Research Council (TRC), and a number of officials, experts and staff of TRC. 

The celebratory ceremony included a presentation on the history of Scientific Insights and its most prominent content throughout the years. There was also an exhibition displaying posters of all the previous issues of Scientific Insights since its first publication in October 2013, demonstrating the efforts of the design, technical direction, translation and auditing team. Dr Abdullah bin Khamis al Kindi, professor of Journalism and Electronic Publishing at Sultan Qaboos University, gave a presentation on science journalism as a guest speaker during the ceremony.  

He discussed the importance of simplifying science to the public and the role of scientific journalism in the world as well as the significance of scientific initiatives in the c. He also touched on some initiatives to raise awareness of scientific journals in the Arab world such as translating scientific magazines like National Geographic and Nature to market scientific outputs in the Arab world. 

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