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Rain down the drain: Civic body builds channels

1 Mar 2020

Muscat Municipality has started constructing storm drains in various parts of the city to ensure that rainwater doesn’t accumulate and drains out on its own. 

The civic body has said that each time it rains they have to hire tankers to flush out the stagnant water in parking lots and other paved surfaces. 

In many areas like the Central Business District area in Ruwi, outlets have been constructed to ensure that rainwater is drained out. Stagnant water in public places is a cause of concern for the municipality as water puddles can be breeding ground for mosquitoes.  

Speaking to Muscat Daily, a municipality official said, “In many places there are no channels for water to drain out automatically and then it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Hiring tankers to drain out water every time is an expensive affair. That is why we are building these channels for drainage.” 

Oman recorded 30 per cent more rainfall last year. Heavy rains and flooding were reported in many parts of Muscat.  

“Stagnant water affects traffic movement and even causes damage to vehicles too if the water level is high. We are connecting these channels to wadis so that water drains out easily,” the municipality official added. 


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