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Event to focus on blue economy

25 Feb 2020

Showcasing the growing economic potential of Oman’s marine territory and understanding the future of the marine sector is the aim of Oman Maritime Confex, to be held from March 9 to 12. 

The event will be conducted under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.  

For centuries, Oman has remained a proud maritime nation. Its marine territory has always been a rich, bountiful resource on which many trades have thrived. Apart from this, the strategic location of Oman has been a boon for the country as it is a vital connecting point on the sea trade route. Oman boasts several marine-related industries and has attracted investors over the years to capitalise on the same. 

The event is the first-of-its-kind to be held in Oman and it will take a holistic view of the capabilities of marine resources in terms of the blue economy.  

Statistics obtained from various economic sectors related to the maritime industry indicate a continuous growth in these sectors. Self-sufficiency from fisheries was (193 per cent) in 2017. Omani ports witnessed a good growth and the growth in number of tourists to Port Sultan Qaboos reached 41 per cent in 2016. Gross volume of loaded goods at Sohar port increased to 1.654mn tonnes.  

The conference with a concurrent exhibition will see more than 50 participating members and ten renowned local and international speakers. They will discuss the booming maritime sector of Oman ranging from fisheries and tourism, shipping and logistics, research and development, and how these industries continue to make substantial contributions to the economy of the sultanate and that of other nations.  

It is also a platform to connect various industries in this sphere to improve, discuss and exchange experiences. It will facilitate the development of projects, discuss the scope of investments in sectors such as maritime history, statistics and information, research, fisheries, marine professions, customs, shipping, packaging export, fishing and boat tools and accessories and tourism. The exhibition showcases pioneering solutions relating to fisheries and fish farming as well as latest technologies, innovations and services that meet the demands of the industry including ship building, sailing, fishing and sailing equipment. 

Eng Said al Shanfari said, “Oman has already taken promising strides in a new economic era. The country has upheld and valued its natural resources and taken steps to derive benefits from these, but in a rational manner, without harming the environment. However, the country sees great possibilities in balancing ages-old tradition, nature and business successfully. This event reflects Oman’s commitment to a future that is not heavily reliant on oil revenues.” 

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