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Bit more fit: Municipality invites bids for gym gear

18 Feb 2020

After witnessing the success following installation of gym equipment in some beaches of the city, Muscat Municipality has invited bids for other areas of Muscat governorate. Muscat Municipality has said that the main role of the bidder under this contract includes supply and installation of the equipment. 

According to a source at the municipality, the bids have been invited for supply and installation of equipment in Amerat. “These equipment will be installed close to the Amerat Park and Al Mahaaj walkway.” 

Early last year, Muscat Municipality had installed these free-to-use gym equipment on the beaches in Azaiba, Qurm and Ghubra, in order to motivate public to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The equipment installed included cross-trainers, bikes, lat pulldown machines and pull-up bars, shoulder machines, benches or oblique machines, leg press machines amongst others. “These outdoor fitness equipment, claim Muscat Municipality are a boost to the healthy habits. 

“For example, cross-trainers or bikes have been introduced as it gives joints and muscles a gentle warm-up and help them get ready for the workout ahead.  

“Cardiovascular exercise is important to ensure heart health, weight-management amongst others.” The source added, “The equipment that have been planned for installation target many different areas of the body.” 

Interested bidders should submit their offers electronically accompanied by an electronic copy of a bond issued by any local bank in Oman addressed to Muscat Municipality. The bond should be 1 per cent of the tender value valid for 90 days starting from the date of bids submission. Bids for the tender are open till March 29.  


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