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AYG donates to Disabled Children Care Association

12 Feb 2020

As part of its social responsibility and community service programme, the Al Yousef Group (AYG) has extended a helping hand to the Disabled Children Care Association of Mussanah. AYG has provided financial support to the association for furnishing its two physiotherapy halls and a resources hall. The group believes that children with special needs are an integral part of the society and that it is extremely important to prioritise their needs.


Faisal bin Muhammad al Yousef, member of the board of directors of AYG, handed over the donation cheque to Rahma al Nofaliya, chairperson of the Omani Women’s Association of Mussanah, and a member of the Municipal Council, at the Al Yousef Group headquarters in Azaiba.


Yousef said that over the years, AYG has been continuously supporting initiatives aimed at strengthening healthcare services and educational needs under the framework of its social responsibility programme. Such social initiatives are meant to bring about a positive change in the society and the environment.


Speaking on the donation, he said, “At AYG, we believe in the principle of equal opportunity and inclusion for all. Our aim is not only to provide monetary assistance for the differently abled children but also to support and empower them to live their lives with dignity. “This contribution has been made to provide superior facilities for these children so that they can avail better-quality healthcare services and education, which would boost their self-confidence and integrate them with the society.”


Rahma said, “The financial support from Al Yousef Group is sure to make a huge difference in the work of the association. The funds will be used for completing the process of equipping the halls and creating an appropriate environment to serve these children better.”


She thanked AYG for its timely and swift response and support in providing assistance to the association and expressed hope for more cooperation in future.


“The Disabled Children Care Association has been making a lot of efforts to create an ideal environment to support the children with disabilities so that they become socially accommodated to achieve equal opportunities and rights in the society,” she said. AYG has developed a strategy that includes a wide range of initiatives to drive social awareness and contribute to the well-being of the local community.


It has taken several initiatives that are beneficial for the society, including its support to the Small and Medium Enterprises by purchasing their products, using their services and training them to develop their skills and capabilities.


It is also keen on developing a culture of entrepreneurship. All these efforts have positively contributed to the social and economic development of Oman.

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