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MoE calls on graduates to register on its website for teaching posts

2 Feb 2020

The Ministry of Education (MoE), in coordination with the National Centre for Employment, is calling on graduates with university qualifications to apply for teaching posts.


Graduate hopefuls of the academic year 2019-20, and the graduates who were not successful at written exams held previously for the requirement of teachers, can register on the ministry’s website (www.moe.gov.om) with their qualifications attached electronically from February 2 to 20.


The ministry stated that the following documents need to be attached to the electronic application:

  • Graduation certificate or provisional certificate (the transcript needs to have been certified by the relevant academic institution).


  • Personal ID, passport and registration at the National Centre for Employment.
  • The required international level in the English language testing for the English language specialisation (IELTS Level 6 or TOEFL 79 marks).


The application needs to be submitted electronically only, and the applicant will be held responsible for the documents attached.


In the event of any discrepancies in the documents, the application will be considered cancelled and not fulfilling the conditions.


The ministry stated that following the application period graduates will be called for written tests according to the ministry’s needs and vacancies available.


Only Omani nationals with good conduct will be appointed for teaching posts. The selected candidate must not have been sentenced to a prison term for felony or cheating. The candidate should fulfil the requirements for occupying the specified job in conjunction with each job mentioned in the advertisement and that he or she should meet the approved hours specified for specialisation by Statement No 6/2/2016 issued on May 23, 2016 by the Education Council.


The Education Council decision No 3/5/2015 is applied for compliance in light of nomination and appointment controls.


All graduates will undergo an examination and a scheduled interview for the position. They should be medically fit to hold the position.


The applicant should not choose more than one job from among the jobs mentioned in the advertisement.


The applicant should not be at the date of this announcement occupying any of the positions in any one of the state’s administrative apparatus units (civil, military, or security).

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