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Oman’s football future

27 Jan 2020

Sultan al Rawahi

Private sector employee

It all depends on how good the coach is. I have high hopes in him and I am sure he will work on the team’s weakness. Oman is very passionate about football but hasn’t been able to make its mark. So, we are really counting on the new coach to take Oman to the next level. There is a need for a longer vision.


K R Anand

Sales professional

Coaches win matches. For qualifying to the World Cup, Oman’s team has topractice more, raise fitness levels on par with European teams. New coach should also be able to understand the history, culture, work ethics and act without compromising on basics. I wish the new coach and our team advance towards success.


Saji Uthuppan

Lecturer The coming years will no doubt bring thrilling news to Omani football fans. The appointment of a new coach can boost the power of Omani football team. A coach with patience and perseverance can always recognise the strengths and weaknesses of his players. I feel the new coach must possess all these qualities.

Mohan Anandan

Banking sector

After his stupendous success as a coach of Iran and as an assistant coach of the Croatian team, Branko Ivankovic as the new Oman football coach is sure to bring lots of experience and dynamism to Oman’s team. His energy and enthusiasm will surely help Oman bring laurels for the country.

Sunil Seth

Senior sales manager


Oman has never qualified for FIFA World Cup due to its inconsistent performances recording less than 40 per cent win records in qualifiers. With each new coach players have to adapt and change their style and approach. We need long-term vision, if we want to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup or even the Asian Cup.


Harish Shetty

Restaurant supervisor

It depends on how the coach will train players. FIFA World Cup and the Asian Cup are big platforms. This is where a coach has to show his capabilities. I am sure this change will work for the Oman team.


Ruskeen S 
Sales manager

I wish Oman qualifies for all prestigious tourneys, for which the coach needs to be given a free hand. A longer stint without the fear of sacking will help him take bold decisions for the team’s success.


Vasanth Mallya Private sector employee The newly appointed coach will surely strive to put Oman on the global map., The upcoming FIFA World Cup and Asian Cup will prove to be a challenging and turning point not only for the coach but for the team as well.


Siddiqe Muhammad

Businessman I am glad that we have a new football coach. The new coach’s credentials are quite impressive and we are sure with his experience and skills our boys will be able to deliver big in the World Cup and Asian Cup.


Mir Pandook

Private sector employee

Sadly, with the past coach we were not performing well and the team did not look confident. We can hope that the new coach will be able to spot the positives and work to do well in the World Cup and Asian Cup.

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