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NFC to start vehicles, goods transport service from Lima

29 Dec 2019

As part of its plan to develop the maritime transport system in various ports of the sultanate, the Ministry of Transport will start vehicle and goods transportation service from Lima beginning January 1, 2020. 

The Ministry of Transport said that the launch of the service comes after the completion of the project for transporting vehicles and shipping goods in the Port of Lima, which was supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF). 

MoAF has constructed a ramp at the fishing Port of Lima in the wilayat of Khasab in Musandam at a cost of around RO599,900. 

It will facilitate transportation of vehicles from Lima to other wilayats by the National Ferries Company (NFC).  

The project aims to promote tourism movement and linking Lima with other wilayats. It also aims to assist fishermen to transport fish from the Port of Lima to local and overseas markets.  

Ferry trips to Lima began in 2011.  

These trips linked Lima with some other wilayats such as Khasab, Shinas and Dibba. NFC currently carries out several trips a week from Lima to other wilayats. 


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