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Ministry sets up games corner for children with disabilities

24 Dec 2019

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR), represented by the Directorate General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in South Batinah, has set up a playground for children with disabilities at the Rustaq Public Park.  

The venue will facilitate children with all types of disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. The project will enable children with disabilities to mingle with other children and play with them. The ‘Outdoor Games Corner for Children with Disabilities’ project includes activities for special needs children, and entertainment and visual games that suit such children. 

The corner also includes a number of umbrellas and wheelchairs, a first-aid box and a mini library. The ministry has also provided educational materials printed in Braille for the visually impaired. The ministry has also put in place paths, parking lots and entrances suitable for them.  

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