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E-Census 2020: ROP urges people to update electricity account on its website

24 Dec 2019

As part of its efforts to help E-Census 2020, the ROP has urged people to update their electricity account number via its website for verification of address proof.  

A statement of ROP read, ‘To facilitate the procedures for updating the residence address data for citizens and residents, you can now enter the electricity account number on and be a part of the E-Census 2020.’ 

It will be the first census without field visits by the authorities to update information and will depend entirely on data gathered electronically from different organisations. Dr Khalifa bin Abdullah bin Hamad al Barwani, chief executive officer of the National Centre for Statistics and Information, had said that a good amount of the information needed already exists in databases but needs to be updated.  

“In addition to the database that already exists, there is other information that needs to be collected. This census aims to use electricity bills as base of information and as proof of residency and address,” he had said. 

The census will begin next year and should end by December. If the census is completed successfully, Oman will be a leader in the field of census. 

For all information to be collected correctly, the E-Census 2020 launched a campaign titled ‘Your Information, Your Identity’ which aims to make people aware about any information they may have missed updating, such as birth and death certificates, rental contracts, etc.  


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