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RO50 fine on mobile food trucks for site violation

23 Dec 2019

H E Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Shihi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources has issued a decision (No 325/2019) to amend some provisions of the health regulation requirements for mobile food truck owners. 

It imposes RO50 fine on mobile food truck owners for operating at a location other than that specified by the municipality. 


H E Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Shihi


Article 24 states that electric stoves must be used to prepare food after obtaining approval from the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances. 

Article 25 states that mobile trucks must serve prepared snacks or readymade food from a licensed outlet under the following conditions:  

1. Preparing different types of sandwiches 

2. Hot drinks, juices, soft drinks and ice-creams. It is allowed to serve other drinks after the requirements are met 

3. Food prepared by catering companies, public kitchens and licensed commercial firms 

Article 27 states that mobile food trucks can operate only in places specified by the municipality after obtaining approvals from the concerned authorities. 

Article 29 states that the distance between the mobile truck whether in a public place or a private property must not be less than 200m from any nearest coffee shop or restaurant.

Article 29 states that such trucks can participate in events after a written approval from the municipal supervisor at the event site.

The ministerial decision was issued on December 18 and effective from the next day from the date of its publication in the official gazette. 

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