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Omani photographers win big at world contest

19 Dec 2019

Omani photographers made the country proud after they won two gold, two silver, two bronze along with several honours at the fifth edition of the New Continental International Photography Competition organised by the Greece Photography Club and the Emirates Photographers Association.  

It was held under the auspices of the International Union of Photography, the World Union of Photographers and the American Society of Photography.  The competition had four themes – colour, black & white, nature and travel.  As many as 323 photographers from around the world participated in the competition with 4,216 images. 









Mahmood al Jabri (gold) for ‘Blue eyes’  

Honour awards: 

1. Ali al Hakmani for ‘Reading’ 

2. Mohamed al Julanda for  ‘Meditation’ 

3. Khalid al Gheelani for ‘Badia’ 

4. Mohammed al Shafoori for ‘Magnanimity’  



Honour awards:

1. Sultan al Majali for ‘Student’ 

2. Jumaa al Jaafari for ‘Desert flower’ 

3. Mahmood al Jabri for ‘A man from Taj Mahal’ 

4. Salim al Rashdi for ‘A girl from Kashmir’ 

5. Mohammed al Julanda for  ‘Pianist’   



Samir al Busaidi (bronze) for ‘Clay cracks’  

Honour awards:

1. Turki al Junaibi for ‘The Meet’ 

2. Mohammed al Julanda for ‘Lonely’ 

3. Ali al Hakmani for ‘Infinity’   



1. Mahmood al Jabri (gold) for ‘Take My Hand’ and (bronze) for ‘Reading’ 

2. Jumaa al Jaafari (silver) for  ‘Taking care of myself’.  He also received an appreciation award on the same theme. 

3. Salem al Rashdi (silver) for ‘Eyes of joy’. He also received an award on the same theme.  

Honour awards:

1. Jumaa al Jaafari  

2. Turki al Junaibi for ‘The Bedouin’  

3. Mahmood al Jabri for ‘Read’ 

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