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Ferrari F8 Tributo: A tribute on wheels

22 Nov 2019

Ferrari was not content with its multiple award-winning 3.9lt V8 masterpiece engine. They re-engineered it to make it better! Next, they wrapped it in a better version of its already beautiful looking 488 GTB – an astounding piece of engineering with great performance – and called it the F8 Tributo, which is basically Ferrari speak for Tribute. It is befitting for this advanced version be a tribute. And only naturally, this F8 simply outshines and outperforms all before it.

This mid-engine supercar’s shape is not just stunning to look at but each and every aerodynamic line and curve is designed to make it slice through the air and propel it to amazing performance figures that are at first hard to believe. It is slightly lighter than its predecessor owing to the use of carbon fibre in spoilers, and lightweight ventilated Lexan engine cover.  It also has a new cooling system that is more efficient and lighter. The exhaust system is made of Inconel which decreases weight and highlights the F8 Tributo’s aural sound. All of these add to the F8 Tributo’s lighter and better performing engine making the car feel quicker.

You’ll be greeted by luxury and quality in the cabin. We’re sure the latest infotainment system is great, but we had other priorities – like driving the car – rather than fussing over how good those JBL speakers sounded. The small touch-screen display placed in front of the passenger is handy and indicates performance figures very clearly, even the g-force for added entertainment! A thin console set between the seats has a row of push buttons for transmission control, the rest of the controls are strategically placed on the steering wheel.The steering wheel is slightly smaller in diameter and a lot more rewarding when driving at slower speeds. We love how the gear peddles are push levers embedded into the steering wheel for ultra quick gear changes, enabling complete focus on driving the F8 Tributo with little or no distractions. 

The steering is precise and very quick. And though you sit very low down close to the ground with regular sedans seeming to tower over you, visibility is quite good. 

Understanding the car’s dimensions are easy and you’ll get accustomed to the F8 Tributo quickly. Slow moving traffic gave us a good understanding of how the Brembo carbon ceramic brakes work. You have to be firm and it will give you excellent bite when required. However, the car’s demeanor is that of a caged beast retrained from unleashing its power. It’s brimming with 720hp from a 3.9lt twin turbo and its 770Nm @ 3,250rpm is going to catch many new owners by surprise. Its quick seven-speed dual shift gear box does an amazing job; those blips during downshifts are just awesome.

The F8 Tributo handles beautifully in normal driving conditions. The ride is firm but offers a very forgiving rebound over road imperfections or speed bumps. It feels like it can be driven long distances without putting passengers through too much hardship.

Soundproofing is rather good for everyday driving, but drop down a few gears and the impressive engine is instantly released free and howls with delight! It’s here that the F8 Tributo truly comes into its elements; throttle peddle is accurate and gives amazing control to the car’s powerful engine. Steering play gets amplified around corners – it is almost as if the car knows how to handle each and every corner no matter how differently they curve. Finding the car’s cornering ability was a very interesting task to undertake. The grip and sense of complete control was a thing of beauty even as we tried going faster at every other turn. 

The car’s aerodynamically enhanced shell, sports infused suspension and other Ferrari magic all combine to make this an amazing car to go around bends. Wide open roads were just eaten up by the F8 Tributo in no time. Power is readily available, propelling the car fast up the road in an instant. Too fast to really appreciate on normal roads, one must try its awesomeness on a race track to fully acknowledge the car’s amazing abilities.

The F8 Tributo doesn’t just impress, it opens up minds to the incredible possibilities in a midsized V8 Ferrari. We can’t imagine what can possibly come from Ferrari next.


Top speed: 340kmph

0 to 100kmph: 2.9seconds

0 to 200kmph: 7.6seconds

Engine: 3.9lt twin-turbo ; charged V8

Powe: 720hp

Torque: 770Nm

Transmission: Seven-speed

dual clutch

Fuel economy (lt/100km): 12.9

Fuel economy (km/lt): 7.8





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