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Al Shoumokh International School holds lecture on ethics, manners

4 Nov 2019

Al Shoumokh International School, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE), last week hosted a lecture to develop ethics and manners in students. Titled ‘The Value of Planning for Future and Loving Work’, the lecture was attended by 60 students.  

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Irada al Khayyat, Social Studies teacher at Al Shoumokh International School, said, “The school organises workshops continually for students with the idea of developing ethics and manners.”  

She added, “Ethics can mean patriotism, honesty, planning and many more. Today, an expert from the ministry delivered the lecture.  

“It is important to apply what students have learnt. We are planning to hold a workshop on patriotism to celebrate the 49th National Day of the sultanate.”  

She added that school authorities are contacting the parents directly to check if children have thoroughly learnt the lessons.  

Saif bin Humaid al Mahdhuri, first supervisor of Social Studies at the Ministry of Education, said, “The workshop included several topics – types of planning, the relationship between ethics and planning and developing personalities.”  

Doha Kassib, coordinator and workshop supervisor, said, “Al Shomoukh International School is implementing the project with the aim of establishing values and principles in every citizen.” Mahdhuri added, “MoE seeks to cooperate with schools in order to raise the academic and ethical level of students.”  


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