Friday, February 23
10:05 AM

‘We clean beaches, because we care…’

21 Oct 2019

Our weekly cleanups in Sur continue as we go out to clean trash at Al Bitah beach. We are also trying to organise a monthly cleanup at different beaches around Sur, in addition to our weekly ones. Sometimes, people ask why we are cleaning or why we care, and we always respond by saying that we are tired of walking on trash.  

Sometimes, when people see us they pick up and put the trash in the bin or say thank you. Instead of saying thank you, it would be great for people to just help throw trash, and make others aware of the problem.  

We are slowly getting a few more people to join us and we hope this continues. Just remember to take your trash with you because it’s not pleasant to walk on chip bags, bottle caps, plastic bags, cigarette butts, diapers, glass, etc. Just take a bag with you the next time you have a barbecue. We hope to see you on the beach.

Contributed by : Erin Coyle

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