Wednesday, July 06
10:34 AM

MHC completes restoration work of Al Mahyoul Fort

7 Oct 2019

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture (MHC) has announced the completion of restoration works at Al Mahyoul Fort in the wilayat of Jalaan Bani Bu Hassan in South Sharqiyah. 

The ministry confirmed that renovation works included the fort’s weapon store, wali’s residence, prisons, guard room and the three main chambers. 

Other works involved polishing and repainting the wooden doors and windows and replacing the back gate. MHC undertook the renovation project after some cracks appeared at the south block of the fort. 

‘Al Mahyoul Fort was constructed as part of an old fortification system that was used for several purposes including horse shows,’ stated MHC. ‘The wilayat of Jalaan Bani Bu Hassan is known for its authentic Arabian horses and the skill of its knights exhibited at events, festivals and weddings inside the fort,’ it added.

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