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Iran pledges equipment for Lebanon army

Iran pledges equipment for Lebanon army
Beirut - 

Iran is to offer equipment to the Lebanese army to bolster its battle against extremists, a senior Iranian official said on a visit to Beirut Tuesday.

Thousands of pilgrims throng Mecca for Hajj

Muslim pilgrims arrive for the afternoon prayer at Mecca's Grand Mosque. (AFP)
Mecca - 

Their backs hunched, elderly Muslim pilgrims lean on walking sticks as others in wheelchairs nudge their way into Mecca’s Grand Mosque where scores of people are encircling the holy Kaaba.

Kuwait revokes citizenship of opposition figure, 17 others

Kuwait City - 

The Kuwaiti government said it revoked the citizenship of 18 people on Monday, including a prominent opposition figure, citing irregularities in granting them their nationality.

IS jihadists close in on key Syria border town

Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. (AFP)
Damascus - 

Islamic State group fighters closed in Monday to within only a few kilometres of a key Kurdish town on Syria's border with Turkey, despite new air strikes by the US-led coalition.

Saudi warns of challenge of Yemen violence

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal. (AFP)
Riyadh - 

Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia has warned that neighbouring Yemen risks sliding towards further violence which could damage regional security, after Shiite rebels overran the capital last week.

Syrian men stand on the rubble of a destroyed building as they search for victims. (AFP)

US-led raids hit extremist oil, command posts in Syria

Damascus - 

US-led coalition warplanes on Sunday kept up their strikes against oil sites in Syria that fund the Islamic State group, as well as targeting the extremists' command structure.

Saudi suspect killed in clash in Shiite village

Riyadh - 

A Saudi wanted on "terror-related" charges has been killed in a gun battle with security forces in a Shiite village, the Sunni-dominated kingdom's interior ministry said on Sunday.

Yemeni activists chant anti-Huthi slogans during a rally. (AFP)

Yemenis stage first protest against rebels ruling Sanaa

Sanaa - 

Hundreds of Yemenis took to the streets of Sanaa Sunday to demand the withdrawal of Shiite rebels, in a first protest against the insurgents since they overran the capital last week.