Power firm employees join the protests

Staff protest outside the Electricity Holding Company (EHC) headquarters

Muscat - 

Almost 300 staff-members of the Electricity Holding Company (EHC) staged a protest at their office in Qurm. The protesters demanded a hike in salary, an annual increment of three per cent and a safety allowance for engineers.

Speaking about the protests, Abdullah al Adawi, an engineer, said, “Most of the employees are paid an average salary of RO800 but that falls below the three stated pay grades of the company, which are RO829, RO1,000 and RO1,300. The senior officials are paid much more than us.” He also added that while they are provided with silver health cards, the senior staff have gold ones.

Abdullah Mahrooqi, another protester, said, “We also demand a safety allowance as we work with electricity which is dangerous. ” Shouting various slogans against the company, the protesters vowed to continue until all their demands are met. “We know that this is not the right way but the management always turns a deaf ear to us and we were compelled to do this. I think that it will now work out.”

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