Oman Air staff demand change of management, salary hikes

(Khalid Abdul Nabi/ Muscat Daily)

Muscat - 

Some employees of Oman Air staged a peaceful demonstration in front of Oman Air’s headquarters in Seeb on Sunday demanding a change of management and salary hikes, among others.

At least 100 protesters comprising of Oman Air staff from different departments gathered with placards that said: 'We need new management,' and 'Go away administration'.
They said they want their demands to be taken to the higher authorities. “Our demands also include increasing the retirement pension from 40 per cent to 80 per cent similar to other government institutions, comprehensive medical insurance coverage for all staff and fair salary hikes to all staff and staff evaluation based on their performance and years of experience and not on qualifications only,” Asia al Harthy, an Oman Air employee said.
Another employee, Kadhiya al Harthy, said that they want the company to get rid of corrupt officials. “There are officials who misuse their authority for personal interests - by appointing relatives, hiking their salaries or upgrading them. We also want nationals to be equal to expatriates in terms of salary and other benefits,” she said.
“Our demands include salary hikes, transparency in how the company is run and looking into Omanisation at higher levels,” said another employee who didn’t divulge his name. “It is sad that they bring in people from the outside for higher positions when there are Omanis here who can do a better job. The CEO has promised to
look into it,” he said.
Earlier junior staff had raised issues like salary hikes and parking privileges among others, but now the demands are from employees across job grades. Philippe Georgiou, chief officer corporate affairs, Oman Air, told Muscat Daily that the CEO had met with the demonstrators.
“We had around 100 staff members outside our offices with a list of demands and our CEO has promised to act,” he said. When asked how soon action would be taken, he said, “Now that we know their specific demands, we will be able to solve the problems as soon as possible.”

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