200 Ministry of Manpower employees stage protest

Ministry of Manpower staff protests in Ruwi on Saturday (Muscat Daily)

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At least 200 employees of Ministry of Manpower (MoM) staged a protest in front of its headquarters in Ruwi on Saturday.

The protesters demanded removal of some senior MoM officials and setting up of an association for labour inspectors. Nasser al Kindi, a protester said, “We are not seeking any unfair demands, what we are asking for is directly at par with the International Labour Organisation Convention No 81.

If we do have an association, we will have a say in the decision-making process as well. We can also frame laws, which will benefit everyone and not one particular class.” The protesters also expressed strong resentment against the management over employee transfer policy. A protester claimed that employees are transferred to far-off places for personal rather than professional reasons. “It is personal grudges, which drive the transfer policy,” the protester claimed.

Abdul Latif, a protester said, “I live in the Batinah region but I was transferred to Salalah without any reason. I consider this a harassment as I have to stay away from my family. I can only visit them during weekends.” He also said that the employees who are transferred to far-off places are not even paid any housing allowance.

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