OFA welcomes Majlis A’Shura call

The Oman Football Association has nothing to hide on financial matters and is open to any investigation and questioning by Majlis A'Shura, according to Sheikh Hazzaa al Saadi, the CEO and general secretary of OFA.

Speaking to Muscat Daily on Monday, a day after the Majlis A'Shura decided to summon Sayyid Khalid al Busaidy, the OFA chairman, in the presence of the Minister of Sports Affairs, Sheikh Saadi said, “We respect the rights of the Majlis A'Shura to call the OFA chairman for an explanation on financial matters and talk about the disappointing exit of the national team from the 21st Gulf Cup in Bahrain. “We are a transparent body and have nothing to hide.

The OFA has already provided its accounts to the State Audit Institution and the internal audit department of the Ministry of Sports Affairs. We will come up with any explanation needed. “We thank the Majlis A'Shura for its interest in the national game of football. It proves that football has become an important issue.

It is a positive sign as it will also enhance the OFA's effort to seek the support of the Majlis in pursuing our larger goal of starting a professional league.”

On Sunday, the Majlis A'Shura approved a request from some of its members to summon Sayyid Khalid in the presence of the minister. Both have been called to discuss alleged administrative and financial irregularities in the OFA. The members have also sought to discuss the disappointing results of the national team at the Gulf Cup

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