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ISC National Day TT finals today

Top seed Said al Kharusi of Rustaq Club will take on Anwar al Balushi of Ibri Club in the Omani singles final while Kenneth Vaz will play Avinash Mukund in the boys’ U16 singles title clash of the National Day open table tennis tournament organised by the Indian Social Club (ISC) Muscat on Monday.

Meanwhile, the contenders for the men’s open finals are top seed Mohammed Naggar, second seed Nitin Vaidya, thirteen year old Kenneth Vaz and Omani player Said al Qarni.

Earlier results: Men’s open singles quarters: Naggar beat Armaan Sattikar 5-0, Vaz beat Ajit Mauskar 4-1, Vaidya R Subramanian 4-0, Qarni beat Kharusi 4-1; boys’ U16 semis: Vaz beat Subash Pillai 4-1, Mukund beat Sattikar 4-1.

Veterans' singles: Percy Pereira beat R Murali 3-2, Virendra Sugandhia beat Anthony d’Souza 4-1, R Subramanian beat Anand Kumar 4-0; men’s doubles: R Subramanian & Arun Philips beat Karan Negi & Areeb Usman 3-1, Vaidya & Chandrashekar beat Anthony & Ashton D’Souza 3-0.

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