Work on 12 new road projects begins

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The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has outlined a series of road projects it is currently working on, to build and expand Oman’s road network. Speaking at the Oman Transport and Infrastructure Summit which began on Sunday at Crowne Plaza Muscat, Dr Muhammad bin Aref Abu-Zaki, a road expert at MoTC, highlighted 12 roads which are being planned or constructed as part of the government’s ongoing improvement of infrastructure.

The works include dualising the 90km Jabreen-Ibri road and the 75km road between Salalah and Thumrait, the rehabilitation of the 800km Nizwa-Thumrait road, the construction of a 87km road between Hasik and Shuwaymiyah, a road between Yanqul and Dank, and a 25km road through Wadi Bani Kharous.

Dr Abu-Zaki said MoTC is upgrading the roundabouts at Barka, Sohar, Falaj al Qabail, Sallan and Suwaihrah and turning them into interchanges, and also has plans to dualise 17km of road between the Al Zurab roundabout and Buraimi.

Dr Abu-Zaki said that once the Jabreen-Ibri road is dualised, one can travel from Muscat to Al Ain on a new dual carriageway. He also added that dualising the 35km Ibri ad Dariz-Miskin road will mitigate congestion in Ibri.

He said the construction of the Batinah Expressway will make it the fastest route to and from the UAE and that the work on the Bidbid-Sur road is already underway.

Dr Abu-Zaki also outlined plans for a 92km road between Khasab, Lima and Dibbah in Musandam and the rehabilitation of the Izki-Firq road. However, he stressed the need to follow proper guidelines and to continue co-operation and co-ordination between authorities, maintain quality control and standards, especially in the axle load of trucks, which, if too heavy, can cost the government a lot in road maintenance.

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