Three vehicle thieves arrested in separate incidents

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Three car thieves were recently arrested from Batinah. In the first incident, the Department of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations at Sohar police station arrested a citizen accused of stealing a vehicle parked at a restaurant.

According to an ROP statement, the incident occurred when the vehicle's owner left the vehicle with the engine running. After the theft, he alerted the police and soon an ROP patrol car spotted the vehicle and arrested the accused, the release added.

In another incident, the Sohar police station arrested another citizen accused of stealing a vehicle. During investigations, it was found that the accused used the vehicle to transport stolen goats, after removing the registration plate.

'He was arrested on charges of stealing goats and using the vehicle to transport them,' the ROP statement said.

The Directorate of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations at the North Batinah Police Command arrested yet another citizen for car vandalism.

After receiving several complaints, the police laid a trap for the accused and caught him red handed with a stolen vehicle, the release said.

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