Six Arabs arrested with 4,878 bundles of khat off Mirbat coast; Asian held with 108 drug capsules

Muscat - 

ROP has arrested six Arab nationals with 4,878 bundles of khat off the coast of Dhofar in two separate incidents. In the first incident, police apprehended a boat carrying khat off the coast of the wilayat of Mirbat in Dhofar.

Two Arab nationals were arrested and 11 boxes with 2,475 bundles of khat seized. In the second incident, ROP arrested four Arab nationals who were trying to smuggle 2,403 bundles of khat into the sultanate through a boat.

ROP’s Coast Guard Unit gave a chase and arrested them off the coast of Mirbat. In the third incident, police arrested an Asian national with 104 drug capsules hidden in his luggage from Salalah Airport.

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