Red Bull Soapbox Race to be held in Muscat

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Soapbox Races, a unique non-motorised racing event that challenges participants to build outrageous, human-powered vehicles will be organised in Muscat by energy drink manufacturer Red Bull, on March 28, 2013.

It is the first time the Red Bull Soapbox Race is being held in the Middle East.

“Home-made soapboxes fuelled by nothing but sheer courage and gravity, will hurl themselves down a quarter-mile-long downhill racing course in Muscat,” said an official at Red Bull, Oman. “The country has the perfect terrain to host such an event as compared to other Gulf countries. The numerous steep hills surrounding the capital city make for perfect soapbox racing roads.”

The event is open to university students, companies, embassies, families and anybody who has a creative mind, said the organisers.

The number of teams would be limited to 40 and each team can have a maximum of four members, who are at least 16 years old. “The racing machine must not exceed a maximum of 1.80m in width, 3.65m in length, should be at least 18cm from the ground and no taller than 2.10m in height. An unoccupied soapbox should not exceed 80kg,” the Red Bull official said.

All entries will be scrutinised by engineers at the venue before the final 40 teams  are selected, The teams will be judged on speed, creativity and showmanship.

Soapboxes must be powered by the force of gravity and no stored or external energy sources are allowed. Further, modified prefabricated cars, kit-cars, and vehicles such as bulldozers, steamrollers or tricked-out minis are also not allowed.

Registration is free, however, according to organisers, selections will primarily be made based on originality and road worthiness of the soapboxes. The last date for registration is January 28, 2013.

Over 40 Red Bull Soapbox Races around the world have been organised by the company since the first race was held in Brussels in 2000.

The latest race was held in India on December 2.

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