ROP warns of strict penalties for jumping red signal

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ROP has warned of strict penalties for those caught jumping red signals even as official statistics show that 667 offenders were reported in 2011.

ROP has also confirmed that motorists jumping a red signal will be imprisoned for two days and fined as part of its efforts to bring offenders to book.

“Anyone who jumps a red traffic signal will be put behind bars for 48 hours and fined,” said Lt Col Abdullah Saud al Farsi, director of ROP's traffic department.

“The penalty includes confiscation of the vehicle, driving licence and mulkia while the case is pending. Plainclothes police patrols are monitoring motorists in addition to the existing patrols.”

ROP said that it takes several measures to check road accidents in accordance with Articles 50-54 of the Traffic Law issued by Royal Decree 28/93. “Two days' imprisonment and confiscation of documents have been introduced as part of efforts to bring down traffic offences,” he said.

Around 2.5mn traffic offences were registered in 2011. “There was an increase of 324,011 violations last year. As many as 2.5mn traffic offences were registered in 2011 as compared to 2.2mn in 2010. Around 667 cases of motorists jumping red traffic signals were reported.”

Another ROP official said accidents caused by speeding alone claimed 593 lives in 2011. “Statistics show that speeding caused the largest number of accidents, with 593 out of 1,056 fatalities last year due to speeding, which also left 4,932 injured. The total number of accidents caused by speeding was 3,861.”

Punishments for speeding vary and may even lead to imprisonment. “In case a motorist is more than 80km/h above the speed limit, he or she will be imprisoned for two days and fined RO50,” he said. Fines depend on the margin by which the speed limit is exceeded. “Fines for speeding range from RO10-50.”

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