Quad bikes, water scooter among six vehicles missing in series of thefts

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A moped, three quad bikes and a water scooter have been reported stolen from different areas of the city over three days since early Thursday.

Requesting anonymity, an expatriate living in Al Khuwayr 33, said, “In the early hours of Thursday, a family friend's moped parked in our driveway disappeared. On early Friday morning, the thieves took away a Yamaha YFZ450 and Yamaha YFZ700 quad bikes parked on our property. I do not know how they got past our electronic gate which was shut.”

He said that his neighbours living three houses away too reported that their quad bike was stolen on Saturday night.

The neighbour, an Omani, said, “My son's quad bike was stolen on Saturday night. It was inside our gate, which was locked. The Yamaha YFZ450 was secured to a fence with a chain and a padlock. I think it would have taken at least three persons with bolt cutters to steal the bike. They would have had to lift it over the wall, and those things are heavy. We contacted the ROP and hope it is  found.”

Also, a golden 2011 Yamaha FX SHO Cruiser water scooter was stolen from a villa in Azaiba on Saturday. The owner, an expatriate, is offering an RO500 reward for it. He said, “I could see tyre tracks in the sand near my house. The thieves pulled the trailer on which the water scooter was, attached it to their vehicle and drove away. I have contacted the ROP and my wife has put up information on local websites and blogs. I'm from South Africa where crime is rampant. One of the reasons I moved to Oman was because I see it as a safe place to raise my children, but I'm extremely disappointed.”

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