Omanis can soon apply for Indian visas at post offices

Muscat - 

Oman Post is engaged in talks with the Indian Embassy to enable Omani citizens planning to visit India to apply for visas at their nearest post office, according to a top official of Oman Post.

“In the near future, Omanis interested in visiting India can apply for Indian visas at their nearest post office,” Said bin Mohammed bin Abdullah al Balushi, director of Central Post Office, Oman Post, told Muscat Daily. “Oman Post and the Indian Embassy are in the final stage of reaching an agreement on introducing the facility for application of visas to India through Oman Post.

“We are doing this to make it easier for the citizens of this country who would otherwise have to travel long distances for this purpose.” Oman Post has a total of 94 post offices across the country. If this service proves to be a success, Balushi said, “We will approach other embassies too.”

Balushi, who is also the acting director of Muscat Post, said, “We are also talking to the Indian Embassy to help Indian expatriates. We are simultaneously trying for the introduction of a system whereby Indian nationals residing here can apply for the renewal of their passports through Oman Post. The agreement will save people time and effort as many post offices are open in the mornings and evenings throughout the week.”

Balushi emphasised though that while the talks are on, 'nothing has been finalised yet'. As of now, post offices in Muscat governorate receive and deliver communication and documents from the Directorate- General of Passports and Residence, including passports and visas. These documents are delivered to their holders for a nominal fee.

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