Oman only GCC country to have Spanish Cultural Centre’

Muscat - 

Oman is the only country which has a Spanish Cultural Centre,  Santiago Escamilla Fraile, the centre’s general manager said. He was speaking at a lecture held recently about the Spanish language. The event also featured a flamenco workshop.

“Oman is the only GCC country which has the Spanish Cultural Centre and this is because of the good relations between the sultanate and Spain,” he said.

Spanish is being spoken in 23 countries and Mexico is the country with the biggest number of Spanish speakers, Fraile added.

According to Fraile, the Spanish empire which spread in the 16th and the 17th centuries reached North America and even the Philippine Islands where there was a significant Spanish colony.

“There are some common words in Spanish and other languages such as Arabic. Spanish is so easy to read,” Fraile said.

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