OMSB workshop focuses on emergency medicine

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The Oman Medical Speciality Board (OMSB) organised a two-day programme on the basics of intensive care at the Omani Centre for Medical Simulation recently. 

According to a press release, the course was designed to train medical practitioners in resuscitation procedures to be followed before a patient is taken to the emergency room. Thirty resident physicians from emergency medicine, internal medicine and public surgery departments took part in the event along with physicians from other medical boards.

The course dealt with several kinds of procedures, including the correct way to assess the patient's condition by checking cardiac, respiratory and neurological functions. The trainees were taught to check if the patient is receiving sufficient oxygen and provide artificial respiration as per requirement.

On the second day, the course dealt with topics such as blood circulation, optimum oxygen levels, dealing with burns, tumours and inflammation, and ways to treat pregnant women in an emergency. The trainees practised performing artificial resp-iration and used special instruments to handle critical cases of brain injury.

Dr Abdulhakim al Hashmi, member of the scientific committee (internal medicine) at OMSB and programme head, said, “The course is certified by the American Society of Emergency Medicine and is held at least thrice a year. It qualifies those who are not specialised in emergency medicine to carry out basic procedures on critically injured patients before they are transferred to the emergency room.

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