NRAA inaugurates archiving system

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The National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) inaugurated its archiving system under the auspices of Hussain Ali al Hilali, the Chief Public Prosecutor on Tuesday.

The archiving system has been set up as per ministerial decision 2/2012 issued by H H Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al Said, the Minister of Heritage and Culture and the board chairman of NRAA after being approved by the Council of Ministers earlier this year.

Besides, NRAA also launched its website

Addressing the gathering, Dr Hamed Mohammed al Dhoyani, the chairman of NRAA, said, “The data and records preserved by NRAA represent more than 50 per cent of the country’s archives. The government institutions will manage their records in future and NRAA will be responsible for implantation of the system as per the rules.

“The government institutions can maintain records that are 30-100 years old.”

He said that it took the archiving system two years to create the database. This involved the participation of 75 employees from 34 different government entities. “We thank the Public Prosecution for providing the venue to train employees in managing, registering and coding documents according to a classification system.”

He said that 75 specialists in the area of archiving systems will soon join NRAA and its different directorates across the sultanate. “Staff handling archiving system at different government institutions including ministries will be trained from December until May 2013.”

Speaking on the occasion, Hilali said, “Preserving records is a national mission that requires their documentation as part of our development efforts.”

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