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Taking a cue from Muscat Daily’s paper recycling campaign, the occupants of Muscat Oasis Residences (MOR) have been collecting paper for recycling since October. They have streamlined the process by placing boxes in different parts of the complex.

Shukti Thakur, a resident of MOR who initiated the campaign, said more has to be done to educate people about recycling. “Ever since I came to know about the paper recycling campaign by Muscat Daily, I have approached many people at Muscat Oasis to come forward and join this cause. We have received a good response so far.

“On October 3, we decided to collect all the waste paper material and streamline the process, maximise collection and also spread the message of recycling. For this, we have placed cardboard boxes at five different places within the complex and notified residents.”

She added that more awareness campaigns are needed to spread the word, especially among Omanis. “I plan to initiate a programme at MOR in January. My friends and I, along with our children, will go from door to door to educate the residents about paper recycling campaigns and the use of collection boxes.”

Shukti has also placed boxes for recycling cardboard and is now working on increasing awareness of plastic recycling in Oman. “Plastic recycling is very rare and I am exploring ways to spread the message. I know of only one company that does it, but it is not very well established. I hope to meet the Environment Society of Oman to see how we can work together,” she said.

Almost 100kg of paper has been collected from MOR – which houses 300 flats in 20 buildings - according to the Muscat Daily recycling team.

Zeena al Towayya, the first Omani woman to visit Antarctica, said she is stepping up efforts to fight climate change and has already started to spread the word on plastic recycling. “I have told my family members to collect plastic bottles. The aim is to save the planet. At the same time, I plan to use them for a forthcoming sustainable fashion design project,” she said.

Corporates and institutions can participate in Muscat Daily’s paper recycling campaign by getting in touch with Anil on 99824027 or by e-mail on

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