Muscat Municipality planning to introduce prepaid parking cards

Muscat - 

Muscat Municipality is planning to launch prepaid parking cards which can be used at new meters installed at several business areas in the city.


Khalid Mahmood Ali al Hasani, assistant director for investment revenue department and supervisor for paid parking meter at Muscat Municipality, said, “We will start selling these cards sometime this year. These prepaid cards can only be used at the new parking meters that have been installed at places like Qurm and Wadi Kabir.

“This is part of our e-Governance initiative to promote cashless transactions. The cards can be bought and recharged at the Muscat Municipality offices. The registration number of the car will be mentioned on the card.”

Hasani said that the new meters accept both notes and coins. “People can now pay parking fee through coins, notes and via SMS.”

When asked how the card will function, he said, “Each new parking meter is equipped with a card reader. You just have to flash your card over the reader and key in the duration for which you need parking. The amount will be deducted accordingly.”

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