Muscat Municipality orders closure of 9 shops; 115 others slapped with notices

Muscat - 

Inspection teams affiliated to Muscat Municipality made 2,021 inspection visits last week which resulted in the shutting down of nine shops and the issuance of violation notices to 115 others for not abiding by approved health requirements.

“The visits also led to the destruction of 287.5kg of foodstuff and 578 food items that were found unfit for consumption. Some were past their sell-by dates while some had been stored in an unhygienic manner,” a Muscat Municipality official said.

Also, 165 kitchen appliances and tools from barber shops were destroyed, besides 5,200 plastic bags that did not bear dates of production. “As much as 150,393kg of potatoes were destroyed at Mawaleh Central Market (MCM) as they were found to be rotten,” the official added.

In January, the inspection teams destroyed 112 tonnes of potatoes found rotten.

The step was part of an intensive inspection campaign carried out by the municipality to protect consumer health.

The team at MCM also got rid of 907 cartons of black grapes and 250 cartons of lettuce as they were found with fungus.

Muscat Municipality has said that owners of foodstuff facilities should follow up on their products to ensure they adhere to safety and health requirements. It has also urged consumers to report violations on 1111.

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