Muscat Festival 2017: A ride with a view of its own

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This Muscat Festival will be incomplete without the mention of a ride that was a crowd-puller – the hot air balloon ride at Amerat Park.

Called the Oman Balloon, the giant ride cannot be missed by anyone visiting the venue. This is the first time Muscat Festival is offering something like this.

Oman Balloon comprises two seats which takes riders up in the air. It stays there for around five to six mintues giving riders the opportunity to take in the beauty that surrounds them at that altitude.

A ride2

The balloon is always tied at multiple points on the ground which does not allow it to fly out of the festival venue. The ride is operated by brothers Fahmy and Salim al Rawahi, who are quite enthused with the response that they have got so far. The duo have a certification from France.

“It is pretty exciting as this is the first time Muscat has experienced something like this. As soon as people are buckled in, the balloon is raised by helium power pump and it takes off. The children are taken up to 125ft (38.1m) and adults, 250ft (76.2m) above the ground. The balloon stays up in the air to offer people the opportunity to enjoy the view at that height. One can take quite a few pretty pictures.”

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Graduates of the Higher College of Technology, the Rawahi brothers who want to start an adventure sports company said the ride has been introduced at the festival after a lot of research. “We got a lot of support from the government. We want to make it a permanent feature so that people can continue to enjoy this amazing experience. The view of the beautiful landscape from that altitude is something that words cannot explain.”

After experiencing the ride, an elated Yousuf Harthy said, “The ride was splendid. I felt like I was the king. The view is so peaceful. I am a citizen and haven’t ever witnessed Muscat from that height. I am surely coming back. I wish this was a regular feature.”

The ride is available for children at RO2.5 and adults RO5.

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