Municipal Council winners promise development

Farid bin Allah Bakhsh al Belushi

Muscat - 

Celebrations are still on in various wilayats across the country following the announcement of the first Municipal Council election results. Supporters organised family gatherings and celebrations for the winners after the results were announced.

Mahmoud bin Abdulqadir bin Mier A’Shahurzi, who won from Muttrah, said there are many problems in the area. “There is a need to preserve our cultural heritage while carrying out development activities in the area.  As there are plenty of issues in the area, it would be better to study them in detail before talking about them.”

When asked about his victory, A’Shahurzi said, “I am already a known face in Muttrah as I have been an active member of the social committee constituted by the wali’s office.”

Another winner from Muttrah, Farid bin Allah Bakhsh bin Mihrab al Belushi, said, “Developing the area in terms of better amenities and parking space are definitely part of my agenda. I also plan to do something for the youths of the wilayat as they are Oman’s future.

“I would see to it that there are better sports facilities for them and more jobs created for a better tomorrow.”

Maqbool bin Issa bin Shaho al Belushi, one of the winners in Seeb, said his win was due to the efforts of poor people living in the area of Al Khoudh. “They are behind my victory and my main priority will be to improve their lives,” he said.

Belushi said he has identified areas that need to be developed. “There are some areas where better services are required. Some areas like Al Khoudh village have been without street lights for the past 30 years and this is one of the things I plan to fight for,” he said.

Najaf bin Hamad bin Najaf al Ajmi, a winner in Khabourah said all the plans will focus on the development of Oman. “Khabourah wilayat has some urgent issues and they need to be taken up on a priority basis,” he added.

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