MoT collecting legends, folk tales to promote sultanate’s rich culture

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The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) is on a mission to collect legends and folk tales from around Oman and use it as an innovative tool to promote tourism in the country.   

To start with, the ministry focused on collecting tales from the governorates of North Batinah and North Sharqiyah, and it is expected that rest of the governorates will follow soon.

The project has been undertaken by the ministry in cooperation with The Research Council (TRC) and involves collection and classifying of stories from each nook and corner, which could be then highlighted as a unique selling point of these places.

The researchers went around the area talking to people and recording any interesting folk tales associated with the place. Following that, the research team worked on the tales to make it look like a unique cultural and tourism product specific to the area, the ministry said in a statement. “This project plays a major role in enhancing the cultural aspect of the destination as well as adding an extra value to the tourism industry in the sultanate,” the ministry said.

“The aim of the project is to employ the cultural aspects as tourist attraction and to preserve the Omani heritage,” the ministry added. On Wednesday, the ministry held a workshop ‘Innovative Ideas to Serve the Tourism Sector’, in cooperation with TRC as part of the project collecting Omani legends and folk tales associated with tourism sites.

The workshop was attended by researchers, college and university students studying tourism and representatives from small and medium enterprises. The workshop delved into bringing effective strategies to market and promote these stories as well as exploring creative commercial ideas for tourism promotion. Detailed presentation of some legends and folk tales accompanied with related audio and visual recordings were presented.

Additionally, the participants were engaged in a brainstorming activity where they studied a few folk tales to make them part of the tourism marketing strategy for the areas representing them.

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