MoM issues decision on hiring expats in camel husbandry

Muscat - 

H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah al Bakri, Minister of Manpower has issued a Ministerial Decision on employment of expatriates by camel breeders in Oman.

The decision stated, each Omani camel breeder with not less than ten camels and not exceeding 25 camels can employ only one expatriate worker.

Those with 26 or more camels can recruit two expat workers Camel owners while submitting applications at the Ministry of Manpower in addition to all other required documents need to also furnish a certificate by the Omani Camel Racing Federation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The applicant should also mention the number of camels owned and whether they are registered with the federation. The camel owner will be issued the licence only on submission of required documents and after paying a specified fee, the decision stated.

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