MoHC completes restoration work of Al Hillah, Al Khandaq castles

Khabourah Fort

Muscat - 

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture (MoHC) has completed the renovation work of Al Hillah and Al Khandaq castles at a cost of more than RO250,000.

Eng Suleiman bin Hamad al Subhi, director of the Restoration and Maintenance Department in MoHC, said, “We started the development of Al Hillah and Al Khandaq castles in the middle of 2015, and ended work in the first quarter of 2017. The work in the two castles included restoration of doors and windows to prevent birds from entering the rooms, changing the electrical systems, installing new lamps suitable for these historic buildings and installation of air conditioning systems.”

Maintenance work also included restoring the basic facilities in the castles, he said. Eng Subhi said, “Al Hillah castle has three entrances and includes three fortified structures in the form of towers. The walls of this castle are four to six metres high, and its paintings and stucco adornments are unique.

Al Khandaq Castle

“Al Khandaq is considered one of the important monuments in Buraimi. Its construction dates back to the first half of the 19th century. This castle is named so because of a large trench surrounding it on all sides. In Oman, it is the best known example of a fortress surrounded by a trench. The castle consists of ten rooms. It also includes four towers in four corners: Northern Tower, Eastern Tower, Southern Tower and Western Tower. All towers share the same diameter and are similar in their architecture.”

Al Hillah Castle

Eng Subhi said that the maintenance work of Khabourah Fort will end in a few months, with MoHC spending RO200,000. The restoration work is being done on entrances, towers and rooms.

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