Missing schoolboy found in Wadi Kabir; Royal Oman Police launches hunt for abductors

Noel Abraham's father and younger brother are all smiles after the abducted boy was found and taken to Al Nahda Hospital (Muscat Daily)

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Noel Abraham, the 16 year old Indian School Darsait (ISD) student, who went missing from a supermarket's car park in Wadi Kabir on Friday night, has been found and is being treated at Al Nahdha Hospital for minor injuries.

The ROP has launched a manhunt for the accused based on Noel's account.

The family's ordeal ended at around 1.30am on Sunday when Noel was found in a semi-conscious state with his hands and legs bound, behind the same supermarket in Wadi Kabir from where he had been abducted.

Noel's cries were heard by supermarket workers and ROP officials posted at the spot. After informing his family, ROP officials moved him to the hospital, a family member said.

Officers from the ROP's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) collected details of the accused from Noel after his condition improved on Sunday. CID officers posted at the hospital, however, declined to provide more details about the abductors.

According to Noel's father Abraham Samuel and other members of his family, three youths kidnapped him after making him unconscious using chloroform. He was later taken to three different locations before being dumped behind the supermarket.

According to a family member, Noel was either drugged or blindfolded most of the time. He was not given any water to drink.

Doctors at Al Nahdha Hospital where he was being treated, said that though there were bruises on his body, he had not sustained any major injuries. Noel is expected to be discharged soon.

A much-relieved Abraham Samuel has thanked the public for their concern and support. He said Noel would continue his studies at ISD. “After so many anxiety-filled hours, we are very relieved and happy to have Noel back. The happiest member of the family is his eight year old younger brother.”

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