Middle East College holds 'Specialties Fair'

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The Student Success Centre recently organised a ‘Specialties Fair’ in collaboration with the Occupational Services and Cooperation Department at the Middle East College. The fair was aimed at acquainting the students with the available specialties at the college and the marketplace need for such specialties.

 It was also aimed at assisting the students in choosing their specialties and acquainting them with the information related to the different specialties available at the college, to enable them take their decisions with complete conviction. The fair provides an opportunity for new students to meet their peers, graduates and the faculty members who could serve them in the choice process.

The activities of the fair also included a lecture on the specialties and the marketplace, presented by Khalfan bin Abdullah al Mamari, media expert at the Public Authority for Manpower Registrations. Mamari informed the students about the role played by the authority and advised them about its status as an independent authority affiliated to the Council of Ministers.

He explained that the authority is considered as a standardised database that provides data and information about the employees in the private, government, civil or security sectors. It also has information about the jobseekers. Mamari also addressed the importance of familiarising the students with the required specialties in the marketplace.

He said that the market needs many specialties and stressed on the importance of balancing between the marketplace requirements and the educational specialties like civil engineering, Surveying, electronics specialties, human resources, accounting, financial studies, logistics management and other fields.

The fair included another lecture by Jaber al Amri from the Registration Office at the Middle East College. In his lecture, Amri explained the specialties available at the college and the specialties that would be added to the specialties’ list at the college like environmental engineering and the bachelor's degree in quantity surveying.

Amri also explained admission procedures to various vacant specialties. He also pointed out the new rules related to registration and the policy of attendance and absenteeism.

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