McDonald’s offers new McSavers Meals for RO1

Muscat - 

McDonald’s Oman is offering customers new value meal choices to look forward to everyday with its filling and delicious McSavers Meals for an unbelievable price of just RO1. 

The McSavers Meals are everyone’s perfect everyday choice whether it is for lunch, dinner or for an anytime snack.

The McSavers Meals come in five different choices, with the newest additions being the delectable Chicken Burger Deluxe or succulent Little Tasty, together with regular crispy fries and a drink. The offer started on April 27 is available across all McDonald’s restaurants.

The mouthwatering Chicken Burger Deluxe comprises a chicken patty cooked in a sunflower and canola oil, topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced cheese and mayonnaise, all neatly tucked in a soft and fluffy bun.

The delicious Little Tasty on the other hand, comes with two beef patties, shredded lettuce, fresh onions, tomato, Emmental cheese, with the same delicious sauce as the Big Tasty in the same soft bun as the Chicken Burger Deluxe.

Ali K Daud, development licensee and president of McDonald’s Oman, said, “The McSavers Meals are introduced to offer affordable everyday price. For just RO1, customers can have one of the five different meal choices. We at McDonald’s continuously work hard to provide our customers with good value for their money, and quality food that not only tastes great but is made with fresh ingredients and served hot.”

McDonald’s is committed to providing great value to its customers by serving tasty and filling meals at affordable prices.

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