McDonald’s demonstrates NGK technology to ICT students

Muscat - 

Daud Restaurants LLC warmly welcomed over 40 students majoring in Computer Science from Qurm Private School, to its Qurm branch, where they got to learn first-hand information about how the brand’s ‘New Generation Kiosks’ (NGK) work. 

The McDonald’s NGK is a self-service ordering system that allows customers to customise their orders and make payments using their credit or debit card. 

Designed to speed up service and encourage customers to avoid long queues especially during peak hours, the McDonald’s NGKs are user friendly and are easy to browse through with a simple touch.

With this facility, customers can now skip queues, place and customise their orders and pay using their cards. A receipt is then printed out with their order number that can either be collected at the pick-up counter, or served at their table using a digital locater.

Marc Williams, a teacher at the Qurm Private School said, “I believe that McDonald’s New Generation Kiosks are paving the way to the future of the fast food industry. I am definitely impressed by the tech-friendly makeover.”

McDonald’s innovative self-service kiosk is part of the brand’s futuristic evolution aimed at providing customers with valuable experience.

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