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Muscat Municipality is making good progress with its plans to develop the city into a modern one, with a number of road projects criss-crossing Muscat and its neighbourhoods currently underway.

Major road projects that have seen significant development include the Wadi Adai interchange, Amerat-Wadi Adai road, Darsait-Wadi Kabir,  and the recently completed Amerat-Bausher road and the Southern Expressway.

According to municipality officials, work on the Wadi Adai multilevel interchange, which will feature a new steel bridge that will soar above the existing flyover at the Wadi Adai junction, is on in full swing. As part of the interchange project, a second bridge will be built, taking traffic from the Ruwi side over the flyover and into the Amerat highway, thereby easing the flow of traffic.

“A network of bridges is being constructed in accordance with global standards, and the existing roundabout will be removed and replaced by four-way crossroads controlled by traffic signals. The project includes construction of a new bridge over the existing bridge towards Seeb, as well as construction of another bridge parallel to the existing one to serve those coming from Ruwi to Wadi Adai. Steel posts are being used for the new upper bridge,” an official from Muscat Municipality said.

From the Amerat side, the new bridge will soar above the existing Wadi Adai flyover and go around the small hill on the other side of the junction, thereby connecting with the Ruwi-Qurm highway. Work on the project is expected to be complete by the end of next year.

Once complete, the project will link the new Wadi Adai-Amerat road, which is now being given the final touches. These projects, set to improve conditions for daily commuters, especially Amerat residents, will meet the increasing demands of road users. They will help cater to an expansion of the wilayat, which has seen rapid growth in terms of number of residents.

Another project boosting infrastructure in the wilayat is the operational Amerat-Bausher road project. This road not only links the two wilayats, but also eases traffic on the Amerat-Wadi Adai road. As the name suggests, the 6km road through rough mountains connects Amerat to Bausher.

Another significant project that Muscat Municipality is currently undertaking is the development and expansion of the Darsait-Wadi Kabir road network. According to the municipality official, additional lanes on the existing Darsait-Wadi Kabir road are planned as part of the road-widening projects since it runs through the Central Business District.

“As part of the project, there will be a flyover at the Wadi Kabir roundabout and traffic lights will be installed at the spot where the roundabout stands at the mom-ent. We will also have an intersection at Sheraton Hotel and an underpass will be constructed to allow for easy movement of vehicles between Darsait and Wadi Kabir.”

The project will also involve separating routes to Darsait and Wadi Kabir from those leading to Muttrah and Muscat. A similar plan is in place for routes from Darsait and Wadi Kabir to Qurm.

“Starting from Darsait to Wadi Kabir, the highway will be widened with the addition of a lane on either side, which would allow for two dedicated lanes and another two lanes for Muttrah-bound traffic,” the official added.

Muscat Municipality has also carried out an expansion project along the Azaiba section of the highway by adding a third lane and other links. The project envisages the electronic connection of all traffic lights, expansion of the Wadi al Azaiba flyover and the addition of three tracks. A similar project is being carried out at Ghubra roundabout.

Also, the roundabouts of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and The Royal Hospital have been converted into junctions to ease access to the Sultan Qaboos Street, Muscat Expressway, July 23 Street and the street leading to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The roundabout in front of Rawasco will be converted into a four-way junction leading to November 18 Street .

Muscat Expressway, the opening of which coincided with the celebrations of the country's 40th National Day, is a 54km six-lane expressway that underlines the fast progress that the nation’s road network is making, backed by huge government investment in new roads, flyovers and expressways that add to the existing landmarks.

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